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Information centres

According to the Act on the Icelandic board no. 96/2018 an information centre is a party which provides objective and unbiased information to the public. An information centre is not allowed to organize, offer for sale, or advertise any tours or other travel related services.  

All operations of information centres must be registered with the Icelandic Tourist Board.

Registered information centres are permitted to use a graphic logo issued by the Icelandic Tourist Board. 

The Icelandic Tourist Board is authorised to remove a information centre from its register in the event that the service has been terminated or it has been extended to cover the definition of a tour operator or travel agency. In the event of a dispute, the Icelandic Tourist Board shall decide as to the category to which an operation belongs.

Registration of an information centre

The registration fee is ISK 15.000.-

Registration in online, see links to the appropriate forms below. Please note that the forms are in Icelandic and the registration will be in the name listed as „umsækjandi.“

The following information must be provided:

  • Name of the operations.
  • Name of operator, social security number, address, phone number and e-mail address.
  • Name and social security number of the foreperson of the operations.
  • Description of the operations.
  • Opening hours of the centre.

Normal person (Individual) – registration

If the operations are to be in the name of an individual that person logs in through the link below using electronic ID (please note the form is in Icelandic).

Registration of an information centre in the name of a normal person (individual)

Legal person (Company) – registration

A company representative who is registered as authorised signatory with Iceland Revenue and Customs (Skatturinn), logs in through the link below and selects the respective company.

Registration of an information centre in the name of a legal person (company)

Registered information centres

List of registred information centres (in Icelandic)