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New company representative or other changes regarding a licence

According to article 8 of Act no. 96/2018 on the Icelandic Tourist Board, the representative of a legal person (a company) that holds a licence from the Icelandic Tourist Board must reside in a member state of the Euorpean Economic Area or a state which is party to the Convention establishing the European Free Trade Association or in the Faroe Islands. The representative must be of legal majority, be competent to manage his own finances, and may not, during the four preceding years in connection with commercical activity, have been convicted of any offence punishable under this Act, the General Penal Code or the Acts og limited liability companies, private limited liabilty companies, accounting practices, annual accounts, bankruptcy etc. or government taxes.

If a new representative takes ower for a licenced company the new representative must be registered with the Icelandic Touris Board. Registering a new company representative should be done using the appropriate form that is accessed using the link below.

Supporting documents with a registration of a new company representative:

Most certificates required to confirm that the company representative fulfils legal requirements are obtained automaticaly when the applicant confirms that these certificates may be obtained and processed. The applicant must obtain the follwing documents and upload with the application:

  • Certificate of registration with the Iceland Revenue and Customs (Skatturinn)

The online application is accessed using electronic ID. The new company representative, who must be registered as an authorised signatory with Iceland Revenue and Customs (Skatturinn), logs in using electronic ID and selects the respective company (please note the form is in Icelandic)

Regestration of a new company representative

Please note that other changes regarding licenced companies, such as addreess, email adresses, websites, phone numbers or other contact information must be registered with the Icelandic Tourist Board. The information should be sent by e-mail to