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The Icelandic Tourist Board works with a number of partner institutions and organizations to support the development and promotion of Icelandic tourism. 

The Icelandic Travel Industry Association (SAF)

The Icelandic Travel Industry Association (SAF) is an association of Icelandic travel and tourism companies. Participation is open to companies in the sector which have valid permits for their operations, where applicable. The purpose of the Association is to promote and protect the common interests of its member companies and support its members in the improvement of their services and operations.

The Icelandic Tourism Research Centre (ITRC)

The Icelandic Tourism Research Centre (ITRC) is a cooperative project between the University of Iceland, the University of Akureyri and Hólar University. The ITRC's board is mandated by representatives from the three universities as well as representatives from The Icelandic Tourist Board and The Icelandic Travel Industry Association. The ITRC receives funding and goodwill from all of these along with backing from government funds.

Business Iceland (Íslandsstofa)

Business Iceland is a public-private partnership established to improve the competitiveness of Icelandic companies in foreign markets and to stimulate economic growth through increased export.

Iceland Tourism Cluster

The main objective of the Tourism Cluster Initiative is to promote competitiveness and value creation within the Icelandic tourism industry, and to develop a co-operating forum for different stakeholders where the main focus is on linking them together and opening up for interaction between them.

Tourism Skills Center

The main objective of the Tourism Skill Center is to work on the terms of the tourism industry to increase staff skills, thereby improving the quality, professionalism, job satisfaction and profitability of the industry. Along with, identifying educational needs, develop paths, increase collaboration on education and convey it to educators and companies and get educators to provide measurable and effective education according to the needs of the industry.

Festa - Responsible Tourism

Festa is a program that encourages companies working in the Icelandic tourism to agree on a few clear and simple actions related to responsible tourism. The purpose of the project is to help Iceland become an ideal destination for tourists in the future, supporting the sustainability for future generations of the nation.