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ADS Memorandum of understanding between China and Iceland


In the year 2004 Iceland and China signed a memorandum of understanding between the two countries facilitating the travel of organized tourist groups from China to Iceland. Under the memorandum of understanding Iceland is granted the status of approved destination (ADS) for organized tourist groups of Chinese citizens. The memorandum of understanding opens up possibilities for Icelandic tourism providers to offer services to organized groups of Chinese tourists visiting Iceland.

Registration through

Icelandic travel agencies, wishing to take up cooperation with Chinese travel agencies in accordance with the ADS memorandum of understanding must register with the Icelandic Tourist Board. The registration is done online through using electronic ID.

Normal person / individual – registration:

Normal persons (individuals) log into the below form using electronic ID (please note the registration form is in Icelandic).

Legal person – registration:

The registration must be completed by an individual holding authorized power of attorney. The person holding power of attorney for the company signs in through the link below using electronic ID and chooses the company to register (please note the registration form is in Icelandic).

Tourism providers who are responsible for receiving travellers under the ADS memorandum of understanding are expected to have good knowledge of its scope and hence be capable of working in accordance with the memorandum.

List of Icelandic travel agencies registered to work according to the ADS memorandum

Chinese travel agencies

The memorandum of understandings lays out strict conditions as to which Chinese tourism providers can manage and be responsible for obtaining visas for Chinese travel groups to Iceland and hence the Schengen area. The memorandum furthermore stipulates working procedures and details supporting documentation required for the process.

Chinese authorities designate travel agencies that are authorized to operate outbound travel of Chinese citizens to Iceland. The designation comes with responsibilities and any misconduct on behalf of a travel agency leads to the travel agency losing its permission. A Chinese travel agency must furthermore be in cooperation with an Icelandic travel agency to be authorized to bring groups to Iceland, the responsibility however, rests entirely with the Chinese travel agency.

Follow the link below to see a list of Chinese travel agencies that are authorized to plan outbound travel, including travel to Iceland.