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Information for travelers on claims for package travel

Sellers of package travel and linked travel arrangements are obliged to have a bankruptcy guarantee.

The guarantee shall refund all payments made for a package or a linked travel arrangement, which are not completed, in case of bankruptcy or suspension of the operations. The guarantee should also cover the cost of repatriation of travelers in cases where transportation is a part of the package travel contract. Interests or other costs for making the claim will not be paid.

Definition of package travel
Definition of linked travel arrangement

A traveler must make a written claim against the sellers guarantee to get a refund for the payments he has made for package travel or if applicable linked travel arrangement.

The claim should be submitted to The Icelandic Tourist board electronically through, along with necessary evidence such as travel tickets, itineraries and receipts for payments within 60 days of the publication of the call to present claims. The Icelandic Tourist Board determines what data provide sufficient proof of the existence of a claim.

Submitting claims for persons (individuals):

Persons (individuals) log into with "íslykill" or electronic ID using the link below.

Submitting claims on behalf of legal entity:

To submit a claim on behalf of a legal entity (company) a company representative authorized to sign for the company must open and log into "my pages" using the company "Íslykill" and fill in the form for granting power of attorney. 

When the power of attorney has been granted the company representative logs in using his personal electronic ID or "íslykill" using the link below.

For those who don´t have an Icelandic ID number, claim should be submitted by e-mail to

A claim must be submitted within the time limit for filing claims. Claims received after that time are not considered.
The guarantee does not cover the cost of a single travel service, for example, the purchase of an airline ticket only or hotel accommodation only. In such cases, the traveler must direct his claim against the bankruptcy estate.

The traveler can also check whether his or her credit card company will refund the ticket if the payment was made with a credit card.

After the time limit for submitting claims has passed, the Icelandic Tourist Board inspects all presented claims, approves or refuses claims and formally informs the claim holder about the Icelandic Tourist Board´s decision according to the Act on Administration Procedures.

The Icelandic Tourist Board pays the approved claims from the guarantee to the claim holders.

A decision taken by the Icelandic Tourist Board may be appealed to the Minister of Industry and Innovation, Skúlagötu 4, 150 Reykjavík. Appeals must be made within 4 weeks from the date of notification of the person subject to the decision. Appealing to the Minister will not delay the entry into force of the decision.

Further information can be found here on the website. Inquiries can be directed to the Tourist Board‘s online chat and the e-mail