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Information centres

Registration of an information centre

Information centre denotes a party which carries out the objective and unbiased provision of information to the public. An information centre neither organises, offers for sale nor advertises tours or other travel-related operations.

All operations of information centres must be listed with the Icelandic Tourist Board, in accordance with the Act on the Icelandic Tourist board, whether the services be rendered by an individual, company or association.

The Icelandic Tourist Board keeps a register of Information Centres and publishes it on its web.

The Icelandic Tourist Board is authorised to remove a information centre from its register in the event that the service has been terminated or it has been extended to cover the definition of a tour operator or travel agency. In the event of a dispute, the Icelandic Tourist Board shall decide as to the category in which an operation is to be placed.

Registrations are submitted through portal. Please note that you need an electronic ID and power of attorney, if registering a company.