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The Tourism Database

The Icelandic Tourist Board maintains and runs the largest database of its kind in Iceland. In the database information on Icelandic tourism operators and services for tourists can be found. The Icelandic Tourist Board works closely with the regional marketing offices to ensure all companies are registered and have updated information. 

The use of the database

The Icelandic Tourist Board uses the database for various purposes including:

  • Communication, both for safety purposes such as passing on important information from SafeTravel and the Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management and for development purposes such as passing on analyzes and reports from the Tourist Board. 

  • Marketing of companies and individuals in the database. The information in the database can be found through (in English) and (in Icelandic). 

  • Quality and license monitoring. All companies and individuals in the database should have the appropriate licenses. The database may be used to look up companies to ensure they are fully licensed. 

Registrations in the database

Currently the database contains information on around four thousand travel service providers, available both in English and Icelandic. At the end of 2020 roughly 4,000 companies are registered in six categories. 

The database contains information on:

  • Accommodation: e.g. hotels, guesthouses, farm accommodation, hostels, cottages, cabins and campsites.
  • Recreation and organized trips of all kinds.
  • Transport, e.g. buses, boats, flights, car rentals, buses and taxis.
  • Museums, sets and exhibitions.
  • Golf course, fishing, swimming pools, bike rental and horse rental.
  • Information centers, travel agencies, foreign embassies and consulates.

Registrations in the database are completely free of charge.

Where can the database be found?

The database is projected through the promotional website and the Icelandic travel web The information in the database can also be found on the websites of the regional marketing offices and through the interactive map the Tourist Board offers through the map navigator

Further information

Further information is provided at the office of the Icelandic Tourist Board in Akureyri they can be reached through telephone 535-5500 or through the e-mail 

For registrations in the database the please contact the above e-mail or phone number.