Novel Coronavirus COVID-19 - General info


The response of Icelandic authorities will be aimed at preventing the spread of the virus within the country. The public and tourists in Iceland who think they have been infected with the virus are encouraged to call tlf. 1700 from an Icelandic phone number or +354 544 4113 from a foreign phone for more information and how to approach the healthcare system. See:

Travel to and within Iceland

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Accommodations willing to receive guests who need to quarantine

Those staying in quarantine pay for their accommodation according to the price list of the property.

Note! The quarantine hotel provided by the government is still open for those who need to stay in a 5 day quarantine upon arrival. But the Minister of Health has announced that in August 2021 a new regulation will take effect so that the government quarantine hotel will be exclusively for those who are infected and in isolation.

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