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Clean & Safe - Info and participation

It can be expected that Covid - 19 will change the travel habits and needs of people with different emphases and changed attitudes. New standards, new values and other requirements are expected to emerge. It is important that the tourism industry adapts to this new reality and that the tourism operators are willing to receive customers in a safe and responsible way. Iceland must continue to be a desirable and safe destination.


Clean & Safe / Hreint og öruggt

safe travels logoThe Icelandic Tourist Board has launched a project, based on a foreign model, called Clean & Safe / Hreint og öruggt, which can help tourism operators to welcome their customers in a responsible way so that they feel safe while creating good memories.

  • The project is based on trust and the willingness of tourism operators to show responsibility in action so that tourists, visiting Iceland, may feel safe.
  • The project is intended to increase the credibility of tourism in Iceland and to be a tool for tourism operators to show in a tangible way that we care about our visitors and that Iceland is a safe destination to visit.
  • The power of cooperation applies here. The more companies that participate, the stronger the message we send.
  • Let us show that Iceland is ready to welcome its guests with professionalism and responsibility.


The project has been approved by the Health inspection authorities in Iceland and  World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC).

What do I need to do?

  1. All tourism companies registered in the Icelandic Tourist Board's database can participate in the project.
  2. A self-assessment (checklist) for cleaning and infection prevention measures must be completed. All companies in the database should have received an e-mail to complete the self-assessment. 
  3. Before completing the self-assessment, it is important to review its contents thoroughly and make the necessary arrangements within the company.
  4. The terms and conditions of the project must be accepted.
  5. When the self-assessment has been completed, the company automatically gets access to the project's logo. Its publication, e.g. on the company's website, is a statement or promise to customers that cleaning and infection prevention in the company is carried out conscientiously and responsibly and that all current instructions of the Icelandic infection control authorities regarding the Covid-19 epidemic are followed.
  6. Participants also get access to the document Pledge to our customers / Loforð til viðskiptavina, that should be visible to customers.
  7. Companies participating in the project will be identified with the Clean & Safe logo, e.g. on the websites, and on the websites of the regional marketing offices in Iceland.

Who supervises the participating companies?

 It should be noted that this is neither a recognition nor a certification, as this is a self-assessment and there is no supervision or inspection if companies meet the relevant requirements.

Customers can send comments to the Icelandic Tourist Board on the performance of participating companies regarding cleaning and infection prevention, if they want to give positive feedback or point out what can be done better. The company in question will receive a copy of all comments that may be received. 

Participation is free of charge 

It doesn´t cost anything to participate except for the work on the following:

  1. Familiarize yourself with official regulations and instructions concerning Covid-19.
  2. Educate and inform all employees.
  3. Increase infection prevention measures, cleaning and some other things that need to be done in each place.

How do I approach the self assessment checklist?

All tourism companies that are registered in the Icelandic Tourist Board's database should have received an e-mail with information and instructions about the project. This email also includes a separate link for each company to complete the self-assessment. Tourism companies that are not registered in the database can send an email to The registration is free of charge.

If a tourism company is registered in the database but has not, for some reason, received the  e-mail mentioned above, please contact us via the e-mail address

How long is the logo valid?

The logo is valid until the end of 2022. The continuation of the project will be evaluated at that time if there is occasion and interest.

Further information

If you need further information please send an e-mail to