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Travel companies follow instructions and update security plans

The Icelandic Tourist Board wants to emphasize that tourism companies that offer tours to the eruption area in Reykjanes peninsula must follow the instructions and guidelines set by the local police and rescue teams. It is important to take care of the safety of tourists and this is best ensured by following the rules set for traffic in the area.

In particular, attention is drawn to the fact that all driving to the eruption site is defined as illegal off-road driving, regardless of whether it is cars, motorcycles or other motorized vehicles, unless the person has an exemption from the ban according to Article 31 Nature Conservation Act.

The the importance of safety plans

As before, all tourism companies are required to have a valid safety plan. The Icelandic Tourist Board encourages those tourism providers who plan to offer tours to the eruption area to make safety plans or updating the existing safety plan for those tours. Instructions on how to make safety plans are available here on the website.

Photo: Benedikt Gunnar Ófeigsson/Icelandic Met Office