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Requisition – Termination of a travel agency licence - Iceland Advice ehf.

The travel agency license of Iceland Advice ehf., kt. 490316-1240, Flatahrauni 31, 220 Hafnarfirði has been terminated following suspension of operations.

The operation is subject to providing security according to chapter VII of the Act on package travel and linked travel arrangements no. 95/2018. According to article 25 the security is intended to reimburse payments made for package travel or linked travel arrangements and also to cover the cost of repatriation of travellers in cases where transportation is a part of the package travel contract.

In accordance with article 27, customers of the company are here by requisitioned to make written claims into the security no later than December 30th 2019.

The claims should be handed in to The Icelandic Tourist Board electronically through the service portal on the Icelandic Tourist Board web along with necessary evidence such as travel tickets and receipts for payments.

Further information can be obtained by calling 354-535-5500, through the online chat forum on the web site or by mailing

On behalf of the Icelandic Tourist Board
Nanna Björnsdóttir