Northern Sights: The future of tourism in Iceland

From October 2012– July 2013, The Boston Consulting Group conducted an independent report on the long-term tourism strategy of Destination Iceland.

Tourism is a vital part of the Icelandic economy. This year, it is likely to become the country's largest export sector, overtaking fishing for the first time ever.

Iceland has been remarkably successful over the past ten years at attracting new visitors, who consistently leave with a smile on their faces, inspired by Iceland's distinctive nature, unique culture, and warm-hearted welcome. The next ten years could see Iceland move to a new phase of development, with visitors generating substantial new revenues to fund products, environmental conservation programmes, and infrastructure – creating more and better jobs, tax income, and economic growth as a result. But achieving this will require a concerted effort from a host of individuals and organisations across Iceland's tourism sector.

The project, which was carried out in Reykjavik, was commissioned by a consortium of private Icelandic companies, including Icelandair Group, Isavia, Blue Lagoon, and Holdur / Europcar.

Northern Sights: The future of tourism in Iceland