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Beware of pickpockets!

Travelers at Gullfoss
Travelers at Gullfoss

Unfortunately, we at the Icelandic Tourist Board have received information that groups of pickpockets are robbing at our main tourist attractions. Travelers have lost a lot of money due to these activities in the past weeks. We therefore want to encourage travel service providers to urge their customers to beware of pickpockets and to dispose of valuables in such a way that they are not easily accessible.

Here are a few tips, on how to best avoid pickpockets and other theft:

  • Always protect your valuables.
  • Be always aware of your surroundings, especially if someone approaches you and tries to get your attention.
  • Close and hook (lock) all bags and purses to make it harder for pickpockets to get to them.
  • Place handbags in front of you when you are in a place where many people gather.
  • Keep money in a safe place (preferably in inner pockets) so that it cannot be snuck into. Don't keep all your money in one place.
  • Never keep valuables in the outer pockets of clothing.
  • Own a copy of your documents (passports, ID cards, etc.)
  • Notify the police or rangers if you notice pickpocketing attempts or anything suspicious.
  • Report all theft to the police, even if it takes time away from your trip.

If you have questions or more information, please let us know at