152,000 departures of foreign passengers in August

Departures of foreign passengers from Iceland via Keflavík Airport were about 152,000 in August, according to figures from the Tourist Board and Isavia, or twice as many as in August 2020. The numbers in 2021 are close to those in 2014.

About 336 thousand foreign passengers have departed from Iceland in the period January to August, which is around 25% less than last year.

Americans were the largest nationality in August or roughly 38%


Departures of Icelanders

The number of departures of Icelanders in August was about 20 thousand, compared to roughly 8 thousand in the same month last year. The number of departures of Icelanders since the beginning of the year is about 84 thousand or 27.5% less than in the same period last year.




Further Information

Further division between nations can be seen in the table below and under the Numbers of foreign visitors here on the web.