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Thule Trails ehf. - Licence cancelled


The Travel Agency Licence of Thule Trails ehf., kt. 5905151240, Mánagata 3, 400 Ísafjörður, has been cancelled by the Icelandic Tourist Board in accordance with article 27 of the Act on package travel and linked travel arrangements no. 95/2018 and article 14 of the Act on the Icelandic Tourist Board No. 96/2018.

The operations of the travel agency were subject to insolvency protection according to chapter VII of the Act on package travel.

The Travel Insurance Fund refunds to travellers all payments that have been made towards package travel or linked travel arrangements, which are not provided according to contract, as a result of the cancelation of the licence.

In accordance with article 27 of the Act on package travel clients of the company, who believe they have claims against it, according to the above listed reasons, are called upon to submit claims before January 25th, 2023.

A form for making claims can be found below. 

Open form  The form is in excel format and it is best to save it on your own computer before filling it out.

The form must be completed, and the claim must be supported by sufficient documents such as tour description and receipts for payments or bank transfers. Claims should be e-mailed to 

For further information you can call IDD 354 535 5500 between10 AM and 12 PM Icelandic time or e-mail