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Vakinn – quality and environmental certification - New edition

The Vakinn logos
The Vakinn logos

A new and improved edition of the quality and environmental criteria, for tourism other than accommodation, has been published.

Environment and sustainability

In this 5th edition of the criteria, more emphasis has been placed on requirements related to environmental issues and sustainability of companies. For example emphasis on responsible travel behavior towards nature, company‘s goals on climate issues, increased social responsibility, ways to reduce the carbon footprint and more.

The checklist Towards Sustainable Tourism, which is a necessary part of Vakinn, is currently under revision. A new and improved version will be published on Vakinn website shortly. The checklist contains ideas for actions that companies can take in all three fields of sustainability, e.g. social, economic and environmental.

Other changes

Other changes are for example increased emphasis on infection prevention measures and cleaning, requirements for the training of guides have been clarified, the wording has been updated, the ranking of criteria has been revised and the number of repetitions has been reduced as much as possible.


Now, as before with other revisions, various professionals within the tourism have been consulted. Suggestions and comments were also received from interested companies.

The Icelandic Tourist Board would like to thank all who have been involved in this fifth revision for the cooperation.

All the criteria and further information can be found on