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Scientists closely monitor the earthquakes on Reykjanes peninsula

I the last few days there has been increased unrest due to earthquakes in Reykjanes peninsula, where there have been 3 eruptions in the last 3 years. Level of uncertainty has been declared, which means that there is increased monitoring of the current scenario.

Understandably, in this regard, questions have arisen for tourism providers who work in the area or organize trips there. Geoscientists closely monitor the area and all the changes that occur. So far, the situation has been assessed in such a way that it has not been considered necessary to send out special warnings or information to the tourism industry. However, it is right to warn people about hiking on the mountain Þorbjörn above Grindavík town.

The Icelandic Tourist Board is in good contact with Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management and will provide all information as soon as circumstances arise that call for such. In the meantime, people are encouraged to pay close attention to the media and the websites of relevant institutions, such as: