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Residents’ attitudes of tourism in Iceland: A national study 2019

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Today, the Icelandic Tourist Board published seven reports on the residents’ attitudes of tourism in Iceland. The aim of the survey was to assess the attitudes of Icelanders to tourism and tourists at a specific time, both nationally and by individual regions. In addition, evidence was sought as to whether Icelanders feel pressure from tourism in their community.

The Icelandic Tourism Research Centre conducted the survey on behalf of the Icelandic Tourist Board in the autumn of 2019. The reports summarize the survey results for each of the seven regions. These governmentally funded surveys have been conducted on a regular basis since 2014, but the last national survey was done in 2017. A comprehensive report containing results and analysis on national level will be published later this year.
The regional reports are available in Icelandic and can be found below: