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On the way to sustainable tourism?

Skutulsfjörður, photo: VisitIceland
Skutulsfjörður, photo: VisitIceland

Around the world, the emphasis on sustainability in tourism is constantly growing and customers are increasingly choosing to do business with companies that show responsibility and good performance with regard to sustainability.

Sustainable tourism has been defined as any development or activity in tourism that respects the environment, ensures the long-term protection of natural and cultural resources and is acceptable and fair from a social and economic point of view.

In Vakinn's quality and environmental criteria, the emphasis on sustainability is all-encompassing. One of Vakinn's resources is a checklist called On the Way to Sustainable Tourism. It is a tool for tourism operators to assess the performance of their companies in terms of sustainability and provide ideas for various actions that can be taken on the path to sustainable tourism. The checklist, which has now been revised and improved, is available for all tourism operators to view and work with. The checklist can be accessed here.