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Mission Iceland: You don’t need do leave the stratosphere for an out of this world experience

  • Mission Iceland is a go as Iceland launches a space billboard to encourage space tourists looking for an otherworldly adventure to take a trip closer to home
  • Launched from Iceland, the small billboard has a big message: Better Than Space.
  • Over half the globe (56%) believe we should be investing in our own planet over space travel, while over a quarter (26%) believe wealthy space explorers are just trying to compete with each other

Today, Mission Iceland takes off as Iceland blasts its first ever space billboard encouraging space tourists to consider Iceland as a viable alternative, and soak up incredible earthbound wonders without the need to launch themselves into the stratosphere. As space tourism continues to rocket with galactic travellers attempting (and to date, failing) to take off, Iceland has a message to share to all budding space tourists: Iceland. Better Than Space.

A global study by Visit Iceland found two fifths of the planet’s population (39%) believes that Iceland offers scenery better than they ever imagine experiencing in space. So, Iceland is publicly inviting all aspiring space tourists to visit the country instead for a fraction of the cost and carbon footprint; with unlimited oxygen, fresh food and maybe even a geothermal spa or two.

It has also been revealed that six out of ten people globally believe that the landscape of Mars will have red rocks (60%), volcanoes (21%) and black sand (15%) – all of which can be found in Iceland, so by visiting the Nordic country, you can save yourself the 638-million-kilometre round-trip journey to Mars, too.

As people across the globe (im)patiently wait to take a trip outer space, Iceland has taken that one small step ahead of them by launching a space billboard* into the stratosphere. The space billboard itself might be small, but its message is big; take part in terrestrial travel and discover breathtaking surroundings and endless landscapes that are out of this world… but actually in this world.

And with such beauty right here on our very own planet, many believe the focus should be on helping our planet instead of space travel. When asked about their opinions on space travel, half the globe (56%) believe space tourism is not as important as investing in our own planet, while over one in eight say space travel is a waste of natural resources and money.

Sigríður Dögg Guðmundsdóttir, Head of Visit Iceland said:

“Our message is simple: you don’t need to leave earth to have an experience that is out of this world. There are otherworldly adventures to be found right here in Iceland, where you can enjoy the same lunar landscapes that NASA astronauts used as a training ground before the inaugural spacewalk.
We know there is likely frustration amongst aspiring space travellers who have had their trips delayed and don’t yet know when they will make it to outer space. That is why we are encouraging them to take a trip much closer to home instead and for a fraction of the price, and the carbon footprint.
By targeting this specific audience and launching a billboard into space, we hope to encourage people to consider the big picture and see that the real value in travel is in the interactions you create with other people, and that, you know, unlimited oxygen supplies should really factor into your decision”.

So, before lift-off, take T-Minus 10 to consider a detour somewhere a little closer to home, yet altogether out of this world. Because Iceland is a lot like space, but better.

Go to the Mission Iceland website to find out more: