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"Good to know" - New information and educational website for management and staff in the tourism industry

"Good to know" is a new information and educational website for management and staff in the tourism industry, especially frontline staff. The website is in both Icelandic and English, so it is useful for both Icelanders and employees coming from abroad.

Important to provide good information

One of the things frontline staff do on a daily basis is to provide information to tourists and answer a variety of questions. The idea is that the website is useful to those who are e.g. to start working in tourism and need to have insight into so many things. E.g. weather and road conditions, safety issues, information about the country and people, various things about tourism in Iceland and much more. By studying the material on the web, staff can acquire certain basic knowledge which then helps them to provide good and reliable information to tourists, which in turn promotes a positive and safe experience for tourists towards Iceland and the whole trip.

All in one place

In the beginning, it was known that the material discussed and presented on Goodtoknow was already available on various websites. Now, however, this main information about the destination Iceland has been collected and put in one place in a short, concise and graphical way. Very often, where possible, users are then redirected to the appropriate website to obtain more information on specific issues.

Collaborative project of the Tourism Office and theTourism Skills Center

The idea for the project and the basic content came from the Icelandic Tourist Board but further implementation, development and processing of the content was in the hands of Tourism skills center, which also hosts the website.