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COVID-19: Amended rules on staying in quarantine facilities entering into force on the 31st of May

As from the 31st of May the provision stipulating a compulsory stay in quarantine facilities for people arriving from specific high-risk areas ceases to apply.  As from that time, only those who do not have access to adequate facilities to undergo home quarantine are required to stay in a quarantine facility. 

Those arriving from specific high-risk areas on the 29th and 30th of May can apply for authorisation to dwell in home quarantine during the entire compulsory quarantine period.

Those arriving before the 29th of May are required to go to a quarantine facility and finish the quarantine period there. 

All those arriving to Iceland who are required to undergo quarantine still have to pre-register the intended dwelling place. The Minister of Health has issued a regulation thereon which enters into force on the 31st of May.

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