Tourist information services

In 2015 the ITB started a project with the aim of creating a new coordinated system for tourist information provision in order to meet the main challenges of the current system. From the very start, ITB has emphasised building a solid foundation in cooperation with various stakeholders. The development phase is from 2016 – 2018 and a new system will be launched in 2019.

To build a strong base ITB developed close cooperation with the regional marketing offices and Safetravel ( on identifying and implementing priority support projects in four different categories; Safety issues; Quality, skills and environmental issues; Digital challenges and possibilities; and Logo and design. This cooperation was formalised through special funding agreements.

ITB oversees the project and is responsible for its coordination. In addition, the project team includes one project manager from each regional office (7 in total) and one from Safetravel. The project managers work in four teams according to the project categories previously mentioned.

For further information see report on tourist information services.